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Welcome to Micocar!

Micocar is a new and revolutionary service which helps to your clients to locate you in real time. In few minutes, after downloading app, you will start to receive requests from customers in Madrid. We provide you the posibility to signup in few steps and receive more customers in the slots of time with less job workflow. You will be the driver with more rides in Madrid! If you are interested, check below the advantages we provide.

We build customer loyalty

The only app which transfer the driver fee directly to the passenger to build loyalty.


You will receive more rides in the slots of time with low workflow.

No monthly fees

Forget about to pay high fees for radio taxi and just pay for the customers you receive

Free registration

Automatic registration without any additional step and also without any time contract

Easy to use

Simple app and easy to use.


You will receive the passengers with the best reputation.


Not mandatory to be the owner of the taxi

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