What is Mico?

Mico is the only App that allows you to travel at the best price. Download the App and travel by taxi or scooter with discounts of up to 50% in all the travels of your city.

What operating systems does Mico support?

It is available in Android and iPhone. Download it here

How much coste the use of the app?

Free. The download and use is totally free. When you ride in a Mico taxi, you will only pay what is in the taximeter less the quantity saved in your Wallet

How much cost the pickup?

With Mico, taxi driver will pick you in the place you have indicated without any cost. The taximeter does not start to count before you are in the taxi

What is Mico Wallet?

If you are passenger, you will receive discounts of up to 50% of the total Price of the ride. This money is saved in your “virtual wallet” and you can make use of it in your next rides.

Can l earn more discounts?

Yes! If you share your “Personal Code” with your friends, when they use the code, they will receive 5€ and you will receive 1€. You can find your Personal Code in Profile or Free Credit menu.

How to download Mico?

Download it from this link or enter to Google Play or Apple Store, search Mico, install the app and keep calm… you will discover the cheapest way to travel by taxi

Where can I use Mico?

At this moment, it is only available in Madrid. However, we are working hard to be available in other cities of Spain and Europe

Security and Confidencial

What age restriction are applied?

Only over 18 are allowed. In other case, Mico will block that account

What do you do with my mobile phone number?

Only the driver will have access to it during the trip.


Can I book a taxi?

Yes, you can request taxi for the current time or book it. When you request taxi, this feature will be shown in the screen

Can I request more than one taxi at same time?

No, you cannot request for more than one taxi until you do not finish your trip.

I left a forgotten stuff in the taxi during the ride. What can I do?

Contact us as soon as possible. We will contact to the driver to return you back your stuff.

Can I evaluate to my taxi driver?

Yes, at the end of the trip you can evaluate your driver and driver can evaluate you. In this way, you will travel only with the drivers who have best scores

How the drivers are assigned?

For Mico is important to offer you the best experience travelling. When you request a taxi, we take into account the reputation and distance.

What are the available ways of payment?

You can pay by cash to taxi driver or by credit card via app